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May 10 2016

The Many Uses Of Fence Netting

Fence netting is an extremely versatile product that may be used in a number of different ways. First and foremost, it makes an excellent barrier for concerts or outdoor events. Lightweight, an easy task to install, and affordable, it can be used to section off certain areas to keep people away from places where they do not belong. Most of us are smart enough never to try to climb over or circumvent a fence, meaning that they work effectively at controlling crowds and directing the flow of foot traffic.

litter fence netting

Netting can also be used as snow fence to keep snow from drifting into unwanted areas such as onto roadways or railroad tracks. Ski hills also employ snow fence to reduce the risk of avalanche danger and to control where the snow accumulates on a slope.

litter fence netting

Finally, netting may also be added to existing fences in order to provide privacy. For example, you can apply fine-mesh netting with a chain-link fence to keep prying eyes from seeing inside. As you can tell, this type of netting features a number of different uses, rendering it a versatile product that is a great investment for just about any kind of temporary or low-cost fencing project.

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